About Comic Watch

About publisher Comic Watch

ComicWatch is a company that has been busy with comics since the early 90’s. Founder Sytse S. Algera, began in 1993 with writing interviews for various comic books at home and abroad. He was one of the first initiators to bring American comic artists to Europe for comics and signing moments.

ComicWatch was briefly published in the period 1994-1995 with information about comics and comic makers who was available at the magazine store. After 1995, ComicWatch focused mainly on importing and selling limited and special editions on fairs and fans at home and abroad.

In the period 1996-2000, ComicWatch has been part of the Nou En strip shop in Haarlem. After its transfer to two co-owners and sales of the substantial inventory of special and limited comics in 2002, it became equally quiet in the strip area.

After 2011, Sytse Algera began working on his own comic strip De Vries with Flemish cartoonist Patrick van Oppen. After that, several series of Lemuria Lost Stories, 24/7 and several other comics soon followed.

In 2017, the idea was to bundle the series of comic books written by Sytse S. Algera in its own publishing house, thus creating a plan for ComicWatch as a publishing house.

As of 2018, Sytse S. Algera’s editions, along with projects from artists and writers at home and abroad, will be released in ComicWatch’s fund and will present the writers and drawers at comic strips and comic strips and comic conventions at home and abroad.


Our current telephone number is +31646613759